Private Tutoring in Person and Online

Expert help from Super Tutor Jeni Gardner, a tutor with over 40 years of experience
Worked in Verbier, Switzerland – 2007 to 2021 (hence Tutor in the Snow)
Now working in High Kelling, near Holt in North Norfolk
Available in term time

Offering two types of tutoring

  • A full timetable where the student does not attend school.
  • Support in person for those being home educated locally.

All abilities are welcome

I have experience with the super bright and those with learning difficulties (including dyslexia, dyscalculia, autism, Aspergers and dyspraxia).

Assessing each pupil

I assess each pupil and develop a personalized plan for them. I teach maths and science to IGCSE, and English.

“I highly recommend Jeni’s work to anyone, she has a unique ability to connect with children of any age and level, while bringing out their natural talent, their resilience and innate desire to learn. This inevitably leads to a happier, more successful experience at school and with any tests or exams.”

“Jeni was simply the “miracle cure” for us. She had Max for a whole term of one-on-one and changed Max’s attitude to learning completely! Max became self confident and interested, happy and positive once again! Jeni’s devoted attention and teaching through all subjects resulted Max’s acceptance in one of the best prep schools in the UK. We thank Jeni for giving Max back his confidence and “can do” attitude!”