Full-time Tutoring

Jeni has tutored our dyslexic 11 year old son full time for one semester, and the results are truly amazing. Not only has his self confidence improved, and he is happier in himself than before, his curiosity for learning has been sparked and he is now a bookworm! His maths has dramatically improved as well, in the space of two months she covered an entire year of maths curriculum. Jeni’s enthusiasm and passion for teaching and her method of getting across to her students and helping them to learn is unique and no other teacher has ever gotten across to my child like she has. She has enabled our son to become an independent learner and curious to learn more. Taking him out of school for a semester to do Jeni’s tutoring full time has been the best decision ever, thank you Jeni!

“Jeni was simply the “miracle cure” for us. Our son, Max started to lag behind others in school by the end of first year despite the fact that he was bright and interested. He started to be anxious about school which he absolutely loved at the start. Subsequently, he was diagnosed with severe dyslexia.

The school where he was at the time didn’t appreciate the importance of his condition, and “special learning support” wasn’t available. We needed help!

This was the time when we met Jeni. She had Max for a whole term of one-on-one and changed Max’s attitude to learning completely! Max became self confident and interested, happy and positive once again! Jeni’s devoted attention and teaching through all subjects resulted Max’s acceptance in one of the best prep schools in the UK. He is now a very happy and bright secondary school student, with a bright future in front of him. We thank Jeni for giving Max back his confidence and “can do” attitude!”

Support in the school holidays for pupils from around the world

“Jeni Gardner has tutored two of my sons, the middle one in maths for IGCSE and the youngest in maths and reading/spelling skills. They really enjoyed their time with Jeni and were always very keen to go to their sessions. They progressed enormously both in ability and confidence, resulting in a top grade for IGCSE maths for one and a very smooth transition into secondary school for the other (despite missing the first term of secondary school traveling around the world!). I highly recommend Jeni’s work to anyone, she has a unique ability to connect with children of any age and level, while bringing out their natural talent, their resilience and innate desire to learn. This inevitably leads to a happier, more successful experience at school and with any tests or exams.”

“Jeni has worked with all three of my children, preparing them for entrance exams and supporting them in their course work over the winter holidays. Jeni’s work resulted in markedly improved grades and acceptance into very competitive secondary schools. But more importantly, she has instilled in the children both a strong study discipline and a true love of learning. My children look forward to working with her during their school breaks, no matter how mundane or difficult the subject matter. This is no small feat!”

“Jeni was a wonderful support for us in preparing our son for the highly competitive 8+ exams in London. Her experience is invaluable in assessing the children and identifying any gaps/strengths. She is a brilliant motivator, with the result that the children are stretched and challenged without them really noticing. She is extremely professional, but with a great sense of fun and an infectious enthusiasm for learning. We found her approach to be refreshingly different and objective compared to a London tutor/cramming environment.

With Jeni’s support and partnership, we timetabled revision, practice papers, some interview practice and plenty of skiing for our son throughout the winter holidays. As a result, he went into his exams feeling well-prepared, balanced, healthy and confident… and succeeded.

Jeni is an inspiring person, full of great advice for parents and our children adore her (and her dogs). They truly look forward to sessions with her and always come back smiling and hugely motivated.”

Support for those being educated in Verbier or locally

“My 9 year old son has been taking 1-to-1 lessons with Ms Jeni Gardner for 9 months during 2016. My son is a native Italian speaker and when he first met Jeni he was struggling with both his reading and writing in English. The improvements he has made are massive and noticeable as documented in the various written pieces he has produced since then. His spoken English as well as his comprehension have also improved considerably. He is now totally integrated in his class, proactive and willing to participate in the discussions.

Jeni’s teaching skills and experience have proven to be extremely successful. She also prepared him for a difficult admission test that he passed successfully. She has managed to establish a relationship of trust and her efforts have built his self-confidence immensely. We are extremely pleased with Jeni’s work.”

Children’s audio testimonial