I do some basic, safe experiments in my lab (kitchen).

I use the CGP Science Revision Books and Workbooks for GCSE or IGCSE.

I use these books to teach from, so that pupils can continue when they’re on their own. I read the page in the revision book, making sure that they understand it all. I then read it again and we record it, so that they can listen to it again later. Then we go through the questions in the workbook. They then do this as homework. I get them to write their answers in pencil and then check to see if the CGP answer is better than theirs. If it is then they rub out their answer and write the best answer in ink. This system has worked brilliantly with many pupils. It is empowering as they can then go away and continue on their own. They then come back with a clear idea of what they need help with. This approach means that they take control of their own revision.

When they do papers, I get them to correct them using the mark scheme, that way they analyse their own answers to see if they are good enough. In general, they are not taught this skill at school. In fact, I often find that they show little interest in the mark that they got. I get them to keep a record, so that they can see their improvement because that is encouraging.

I also use the Usborne Science Encyclopedia, as it has great internet links.