For many years, I have said that I love my teaching so much that I would do it for free, but I never actually did it. Then I offered some scholarships.

I was asked to recommend some websites for a bright young girl, who was in lockdown. She was finishing her schoolwork for the week in a couple of hours and then spent the rest of the week bored. The family could not afford tutoring, so I offered to help her for free and enjoyed watching her being so stimulated by the teaching and the websites. I did this each weekday for a month.

It has inspired me to offer scholarships for other pupils, where the families, genuinely, could not afford private tutoring or where they need some assistance. Sometimes, I believe that a child needs more sessions than the family can afford, so they pay what they can and I do what is best for the child by offering the extra sessions as a scholarship.


“When our 12 year old son was unable to go to school for a few weeks due to extenuating circumstances, Jeni very kindly offered to tutor him under her scholarship scheme. It was a mixture of online and in person learning and he absolutely loved it. He is a bright boy but had been having a hard time at school and had lost his love of learning. These sessions with Jeni reminded him of how fun it could be. She has such a brilliant way with kids, she really “gets them” and both my kids have commented that even though it’s hard work, it’s always fun. We cannot thank Jeni enough for her kindness and her enthusiasm and how she helped give our boy back his mojo.”

“Jeni has been a blessing to us. Jeni started tutoring my Daughter towards the last months of 2020 on her scholarship program. My daughter improved so much, I wish we had met Jeni earlier. my daughter passed the exams for both independent schools she sat in Feb of 2020 and got into both independent schools that she applied to ! She also got a part scholarship in one of the schools. Thank you Jeni for everything. We will never forget.”
The Afons