Full-Time Tutoring

As well as offering tutoring in the holidays and evenings, I also take on full-time pupils in term time.

Several pupils have come out for a ski season. One pupil came out for two consecutive seasons and went back ahead each time. Another student passed her 13+ common entrance with higher grades than expected. This can be an amazing opportunity to set a child up so they can go back into school and flourish.

One year I created a three term plan to prepare a highly dyslexic boy for an English prep school. He was able to go to lunch and play at a local school. He also went skiing with them on Wednesday afternoons and joined a local ice hockey team so he had plenty of opportunities for interaction with other children. As he was keen on science, we also did lots of exciting experiments in my kitchen. We also went on several field trips in the local area.

This winter season I have two boys out of school working with me. The 12 year old does 2 hours in the morning, has a 3 hour ski lesson and then returns for another 2 hours. This combination works brilliantly. He has matured so much over the time. He buys his own lunch daily. We have covered English, maths and science but have focused on his maths.

The 11 year old has ski race training lessons throughout the week. He comes to me 3 times a week and we do exactly what his peers are doing at his school in Milan in English and science. It is so easy to do using google classroom. We use IXL for his maths and have already nearly completed the whole year’s work.

On IXL in the 7 weeks so far, the 12 year old has done 6,384 questions on 297 skills and the 11 year old 2,193 in 214 skills. In school they would do between 4 and 8 skills a week.

They will both return to their schools more mature and self confident and will have had a wonderful time skiing in the mountains. They will both be sad to leave but happy to go back to school feeling positive about their work.

Books for full-time pupils
We create a book using a photograph album. It shows what we have done during their time with me. Several pupils have taken them to interviews for schools. It works brilliantly because they have something to talk about that they understand completely and are really proud of.

They reflect the child’s interests. On boy was fascinated by planes and war so there are stories about war, reviews of war books and films. He also loved cooking so there are recipes and photos of that. One day we made a pizza here. Then he went to the supermarket with the map that I had drawn and bought the ingredients. He went home and put on some diving goggles so that the onions would not make his eyes water and made a delicious pizza that he shared with his father. He was quite different from then on as he felt so much more confident.