Full-Time Tutoring

As well as offering tutoring in the holidays and weekends, I also take on full-time pupils in term time, throughout the year. North Norfolk is wonderful in all seasons.

Some programs are for a term or two and others are just for 2 or 3 weeks to prepare them for a new school or for an entrance test.

 I have created fifteen longer programs of a term or more and here are some examples:

Several pupils have come out for the winter term. One girl came out for two consecutive winters and infuriated her classmates by returning and coming top in the school exams. She was in the top set, so this was a great achievement. They thought that this was really unfair, as she has skied all winter and still came top.

Another boy came for the winter and matured so much. He came for 2 hours in the morning, went for his ski lesson and then came back to me for another couple of hours. He bought his own lunch and to begin with he ate exactly the same, rather unhealthy sandwich each day. Then one day he asked if he could cook his pizza in my oven and for a couple of days, he did that. Then he discovered a wonderful delicatessen, and from then on, he ate a variety of healthy lunches.

At school, he had been struggling in the bottom maths set, which was the fifth one. We worked on his maths, mainly using IXL. He enjoyed it as it is visual and suits his learning style.

We then did CE papers, even though her was in Year 7. He learnt to concentrate fully even when Arthur was interrupting. He returned to school and they gave him a maths assessment paper and moved him up to Set 2. He spent the rest of his time in set 2 and was comfortable. I believe that because maths is so clearly right or wrong it can influence their whole school experience. He was so much happier and confident because he felt good about his maths.

Another twelve-year old came for a season, so that he could ski race train. We followed what his class in Italy was doing in maths, English and science, using Google Classroom, which worked brilliantly.

Some pupils come in their ski gear

I have done intense IGCSE/ GCSE tutoring for three boys for science and maths. They were out of school for the last 2 months of preparation and did extremely well, gaining grades far higher than their predicted ones. They learnt how to study and to take responsibility for their work. When they came to me, none of them knew how to learn, but all are now very successful in their studies or their job.